Audit Innovation

Audit Innovation

Transformation is an outcome of the perfect balance between technology and human curiosity. We provide a transformed audit experience that delivers more with less demand on your resources. Our approach offers enhanced business performance insights and instils high confidence in your stakeholders.

At BDO, we foster a curious mindset among our people, inspiring them to ask questions, challenge assumptions and envision new possibilities. We consistently assess and improve our methodologies, technologies and applications, empowering our team to unlock more value from your data.

Our Technology

Technology plays a pivotal role in delivering a quality audit. Our technology enables consistency and precision in our approach, effective coordination, and maximum productivity. 

Our connected digital platforms provide tools to deliver quality services efficiently, providing insights to promote secure fast and easy ways to communicate, coordinate and collaborate virtually without geographical limitations.

The key components of BDO’s Digital Audit Suite are APT, the BDO Global Portal and BDO Advantage. Each platform provides specific benefits which enhance efficiency and empower our people, enabling us to focus on your business needs.


APT is our online engagement management platform, developed and maintained by BDO Global. Through the digitisation of the audit process, we’ve streamlined planning, execution, documenting and testing, to deliver a high-quality audit experience that minimises any potential disruption and enables compliance with our methodology and auditing standards. 

BDO Global Portal

Our Global Portal is an online collaboration space enabling the exchange of materials between our clients and our audit teams, in a secure environment with integrated workflow tracking.


BDO Advantage is our digital audit suite of data analytic tools for enhancing the client experience, driving audit quality and assisting with streamlining the extraction and analysis of large data sets. Full data ingestion eliminates sampling errors and provides an effective approach to obtaining assurance and therefore achieving quality outcomes.

BDO’s digital audit suite also provides a set of innovative platforms and auditing tools that support the automation of repetitive tasks such as confirmations, sampling, and report checking, reducing the potential for human error and freeing up our teams to focus on more strategic work.

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