Public Sector

Public Sector

With government leaders under increasing pressure to accomplish more with less, new regulations and ways of operating have come to the fore. Government business enterprises, business units, governance and ownership issues play a major role in government operations today.

BDO offers a fresh approach to working with the public sector. We bring an independent view to our collaborations with government to provide practical, innovative and bespoke solutions tailored to the public sector.

BDO specialises in understanding the distinct needs of government and public sector organisations operating in an environment where policy, legislative and budgetary requirements can make delivering cost-effective services challenging. Key issues include:

  • Increasing demand for agency services
  • Demographic and geographic shifts in client bases and an ageing workforce
  • Loss of corporate knowledge and other lingering impacts of organisational restructuring
  • Evaluation of the rigour of budgeting processes.

BDO serves clients across many levels of government, drawing on deep experience to provide strategic and innovative solutions. Supported by an integrated global network, we help government leaders develop tailored strategies and implement practical solutions that make the most of their limited resources.

Our specialists also have extensive experience in supporting the diverse range of sectors which shape the public sector, including transport and infrastructure.

Our consulting expertise has helped many agencies manage difficult times. We provide independent, thoughtful and practical advice, based on decades of client experience in the industry and as members of public sector boards and audit committees.

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