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  • Татварын Маргаан Шийдвэрлэх

Татварын Маргаан Шийдвэрлэх

We bring our extensive experience and expertise of handling tax disputes to bear in order to minimise the stress, disruption and costs of a tax dispute. We will guide you through the process of reaching a solution as effectively as possible.

BDO’s Tax Dispute Resolution team works with clients on all types and levels of tax enquiries, tax disputes and tax disclosures. We work with individuals, sole traders, business owners, partnerships, large corporate groups, trustees and executors.

Our Tax Dispute Resolution team can help you with resolving all types of tax disputes and tax enquiries.


Professionals and tax dispute resolution

Working with BDO’s Tax Dispute Resolution team will help you get the best possible outcome and enhance your relationship with your client.

We appreciate the importance of the client relationship. We also understand that bringing another advisor on board can be sensitive. We have extensive experience of working with other professionals including accountancy firms, lawyers, banks and trust companies on tax disputes. We will deliver for you and your client while respecting your relationship with them.

We can provide you with technical support in respect of HMRC powers, penalties and other aspects of tax disputes. We can also manage an ad-hoc project on your behalf.