• Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

The appropriate corporate governance practices for a particular organisation need to be tailored and designed for that organisation. One size definitely does not fit all.  At BDO, we have developed a suite of services to support your governance needs that includes, but is not limited to:

  • An independent assessment of your current governance practices;
  • Design of Board and Committee charters as well as instruments of delegation and policies;
  • Board and Committee performance evaluation;
  • Assurance Mapping for Board and Risk and Audit Committees whereby all assurance sources are mapped against risk and controls;
  • Governance training; and
  • Strategic governance advice to Boards and CEO’s.

Being a global, integrated BDO Risk Advisory Service, our local professionals have a good understanding of the governance challenges that an organisation may face both locally and across multiple jurisdictions and capital markets. We are where you are.